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Discover the pinnacle of football boot excellence with our adidas Predator Football Boots series at Lovell Soccer. Synonymous with football greatness for decades, the Predator series remains a fan-favourite, now elevated to new heights with the Predator Accuracy range. Crafted using cutting-edge High Definition Grip Technology for unparalleled control, the adidas Predator Accuracy is the choice of champions, offering ultimate precision on the pitch.

Since its introduction in the 90s, the Predator range has garnered immense popularity, with adidas continuously enhancing the series. The latest Predator Accuracy boots seamlessly blend the classic 3-stripes aesthetic with modern tastes and advanced technologies. At Lovell Soccer, we proudly stock adidas Predator boots for men, women, and kids, featuring various soleplates for firm ground, soft ground, indoor, and artificial surfaces/

Join the ranks of football legends like Zidane, Kaka, and Beckham, who have proudly worn the Predator on the field. Explore our extensive collection, including the Predator 18, 19+, and 20 models, available in both Kids and adults sizes. Dive into the latest releases, including Predator Accuracy, Predator Edge, and Predator + boots, designed to enhance your performance and style.

For off-pitch flair, check out our adidas Predator Football Trainers, perfect for artificial turf. Step up your game today and elevate your play with the unmatched power and precision of adidas Predator Football Boots. Don't miss out – shop the full adidas Football Boots Collection at Lovell Soccer now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the tiers +,.1,.2,.3 and .4 of an adidas boot?

The model numbers on adidas Football Boots represent a tiering system that distinguishes various levels of quality and performance. The '+' symbol is exclusively reserved for premium laceless versions. In this system, lower numbers indicate higher quality, with '.1' being the top-tier, followed by '.2', '3', and '.4' in descending order. This numbering system assists players in selecting boots that align with their specific performance and feature preferences.

What is the difference between adidas Predator .1 Low and Predator.1?

The adidas Predator Accuracy .1 is offered in two collar options: Low and Mid-Cut, each providing a unique playing experience. The Mid-Cut collar offers a sock-like feel, whereas the Low-Cut collar delivers a more traditional playing experience.

Can I get the adidas Predator with no laces?

Yes, you can get the adidas Predator without laces. The laceless Predator boots are available in the premium "+" models. However, for those on a budget, the ".3" model of the Predator is an excellent choice if you prefer a laceless design. So, whether you're looking for a premium or budget option, you can enjoy the laceless experience with the latest Accuracy range of adidas Predators!

How much does the adidas Predator weigh?

The weight of the adidas Predator varies depending on the model. The + model weighs 250g, the .1 model weighs 253g, and the .1 Low also weighs 253g for a UK size 8.5.

Are the adidas Predator Football Boots true to size?

Yes, the adidas Predator Football boots are true to size.

What is the break-in period of the adidas Predator?

Out of the box, the hybrid touch upper may feel a bit stiff at first but will soften up after a training session or two. You shouldn't experience any pressure points with these boots.

Are the adidas Predator Football Boots good for wide feet?

Yes, the adidas Predator is one of the widest boots currently on the market, making it a recommended choice for individuals with wide feet who are searching for the right boot.

Which footballers wear adidas Predator boots?

The adidas Predator boots have been worn by a prestigious lineup of players over the years. Icons like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Zidane and Xavi donned them in the past, while contemporary stars like Jude Bellingham, Pedri, Russo and Gabriel Jesus continue to sport these world-class elite boots.

When did the adidas Predator come out?

The adidas Predators first made their debut in 1994 with the release of what is now known as 'The Original.' This pioneering boot introduced revolutionary technological innovations, such as rubber stripes on the upper, which significantly improved players' power, swerve, and control. It marked a historic moment in the world of football boots.

Is adidas Predator good for football?

The adidas Predator is celebrated by players of all levels as one of the most iconic football boots in history. Its exceptional accuracy, power, and touch make it a top choice for those seeking peak performance on the pitch. With a storied history spanning nearly 30 years, the Predator continues to shine, cementing its place in the game.

What is unique about the adidas Predator boot?

The adidas Predator boot is renowned for its precision and finesse. It has undergone several iterations, with the latest being the adidas Predator Accuracy. This model features advanced technologies such as Primeknit collars, HybridTouch uppers for ball control, and a split outsole for lateral freedom. Many footballing greats like David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane have trusted the Predator series.