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International Teams

Explore Lovell Soccer’s collection of International Football Shirts & Kits. We offer the latest England kits for Euro 2024, retro gear from top teams, and a variety of official gear for Copa America 2024, all available for global shipping.Whether you’re after Euro 2024 gear in time for the Semi-Finals or classic football attire, we cater to all football fans. From the latest styles to iconic retro designs, start your international football journey with Lovell Soccer today.

Featured - Manchester United Home Shirt 24/25

Introducing the Manchester United Home Shirt for the 2024/25 Season, an authentic adidas jersey designed to keep players cool with ventilating HEAT.RDY technology and lightweight details. Featuring a subtle red gradient, bright inserts, and a traditional crest, it combines performance, style, and sustainability with 100% recycled materials. This eye-catching update ensures the timeless jersey remains unforgettable. Explore below now!

Mini Kits & Retro Shirts

Embrace the glory of football with our Club Retro Shirts and Mini Kits. Relive your favourite team’s golden moments or gear up for UEFA Euro 2024. Our collection spans clubs worldwide and caters to fans of all ages. Celebrate football’s rich legacy and future triumphs with us.

Latest Club Shirts

Browse Lovell Soccer’s 2024 collection, where we offer the latest club shirts & kits from top teams. Our range includes the all-new Manchester United Home Shirt, the gold-accented Chelsea home kit by Nike, and the classic Arsenal kit by adidas. We also feature the Everton kit by Hummel, marking their partnership through the 2024 season. So, whether supporting from the stands or at home, Lovell Soccer has the perfect kit for your support in the 2024 season!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should Football Shirts Fit?

Players should aim for a fit that strikes a middle ground, avoiding excessive looseness (which can invite opponents to grab the shirt) while also steering clear of overly tight options (that might lead to discomfort and itching).

What is the difference between an "Authentic" and a "Replica" football shirt?

Authentic shirts are designed for field play, with a sleeker, athletic fit, lightweight and stretchy fabric, and heat-transferred badges. Replicas, on the other hand, are made for comfortable wear, featuring a more relaxed fit, breathable fabric with fewer ventilation holes, and embroidered badges. For a full breakdown on the differences between Authentic & Replica Football Shirts you can find out more within our Replica vs Authentic Football Shirts Explained article.

What features make Authentic Shirts suitable for field play?

Authentic jerseys have a sleek, slim fit tailored for players, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing loose fabric. The fabric is extremely lightweight, stretchy, and breathable, with ventilation holes for airflow. Authentic jerseys also have heat-transferred badges for a seamless look.

What are Football Shirts typically made of?

Football shirts are typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, often a blend of polyester and other synthetic fabrics. This ensures comfort and moisture-wicking properties during gameplay.

Can I personalise my Football Shirt?

Absolutely! At Lovell Soccer, you have the exciting option to personalise your football shirts to make them truly unique. Whether you want to add your name, a favourite player's name, or even your own lucky number, we've got you covered. Our personalisation service starts at just £1 per character, allowing you to add that special touch to your kit.

If you're keen on showcasing your fandom in the most authentic way, you can also include your preferred number on the shirt. For a nominal fee of £6, you can sport your chosen number proudly on the back of your jersey.

And if you're aiming for the ultimate fan look, you can take it up a notch by adding the prestigious Premier League Badge to your kit. This distinctive badge signifies your support for the top-tier football league in England and adds an extra layer of authenticity to your personalised shirt. You can get the Premier League Badge expertly applied to your kit for just £5.

So, whether you're customizing your football shirt with your name, number, or even the Premier League Badge, Lovell Soccer is here to help you create a shirt that perfectly reflects your passion for the beautiful game. Elevate your fan experience and make your shirt uniquely yours with our personalised options.

What is a Pre-Match Shirt?

Pre-Match Shirt, also referred to as a warm-up kit, is a crucial part of football attire. It's the clothing players wear before a game to warm up their bodies. It's designed to be comfortable and easy to move in. In the past, these shirts have usually stuck to familiar designs that work well. Whether it's called a pre-match shirt or warm-up kit, its purpose is clear – helping players get ready and warmed up before they hit the field for the actual match.

What is an Anthem Jacket?

An anthem jacket is worn by a team as they step onto the field, and it remains part of their attire during the pre-kickoff anthem ceremonies.