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Here at Lovell Soccer we offer a wide range of premium football trainers from the world’s leading brands. Our range caters for all ages and abilities and includes astro, indoor, futsal, street and turf trainers from the top brands such as Nike, adidas and Puma. With free boot personalisation and an extensive range of Kids Football trainers, whatever your skill, style or budget, you’re sure to find your perfect boots here at Lovell Soccer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Astro Turf Trainers and Football Boots?

Astro Turf Trainers are designed for 2G Artificial surfaces to provide the optimum traction for that surface. Astro Turf Trainers can be used on a rubber infill 3G pitch, but without optimum traction especially when wet. Football Boots are designed and used mainly on natural grass surfaces, while FG and AG outsoles can be used on a rubber infill 3G pitch.

Can Indoor court shoes be worn on Astro turf?

Avoid wearing indoor football shoes on AstroTurf/artificial grass surfaces, as they lack the required grip and traction designed for flat, dry pitches. We recommend you opt for proper turf shoes instead.

What Boots should I wear for Futsal or Indoor Football?

Choose indoor football trainers for indoor or Futsal pitches. They have a non-marking Flat rubber outsole with no studs that provides excellent grip and traction for the indoor surface. Having the correct footwear for indoor football will prevent injuries as the indoor trainers take into consideration the specific demands of the indoor game.

What are the Best Nike Astroturf Trainers?

The top contenders for the best Nike Astroturf trainers are the Nike Mercurial Academy DF Astro Turf Trainers and the Nike Streetgato. These options not only capture the bold aesthetics and dynamic experience of football boots but also feature non-marking rubber outsoles with moulded studs, ensuring exceptional grip on the turf. The inclusion of Dynamic Fit collars guarantees a secure foot lockdown while maintaining a sock-like sensation in the upper part, allowing for impeccable ball control with effortless ease.

Can I wear Astro Turf Trainers on Indoor surfaces?

Avoid using Astro turf trainers on an Indoor surface, Astro Turf Trainers provide more friction than an indoor trainer which may cause injuries during changes in direction. Astro turf trainers will also make marks on the Indoor surface, which won’t go down well with the pitch owner. Using Astro Turf Trainers on an indoor surface will also cause the outsole to wear down faster decreasing the durability