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Experience groundbreaking innovation with Nike Anti-Clog Football Boots – a gamechanger for those navigating wet and muddy terrains. Since its 2016 debut, AC football boots have become essential on natural pitches globally, effectively preventing mud buildup that hampers performance. By creating a lubricating layer between the soleplate and the ground, Anti-Clog stops mud from sticking, letting you outmaneuver opponents effortlessly. Besides enhancing performance, this technology reduces the need for manual cleaning, providing an added advantage. For optimal results, apply a small amount of water to your soleplates before playing to activate the lubrication. Explore our diverse range of Nike football boots, featuring the latest Anti-Clog technology for firm ground and soft ground. AC editions are available for the Mercurial Superfly, Mercurial Vapor, Tiempo Legend 10, Premier, and Phantom GX models across Elite, Pro, and Academy levels. Elevate your game with Nike Anti-Clog – where innovation meets unparalleled performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nike Anti-Clog technology work?

Nike Anti-Clog creates a lubricating layer between the soleplate and the ground, preventing mud buildup and ensuring optimal performance on wet and muddy terrains.