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Discover the enduring legacy of adidas Copa Football Boots, celebrated by football icons such as Zidane and Maradona. Elevate your game to unprecedented heights with the latest Copa Pure, a standout feature of the iconic adidas Solar Energy Pack. Explore our extensive selection of Firm and Soft-Ground adidas Copa Boots within the adidas Football Boots Collection or browse our diverse range of football boots on our dedicated Football Boots page. Shop now to immerse yourself in the iconic history and experience the cutting-edge performance of Copa Football Boots.

This classic football boot, now in 2024, has undergone a transformative evolution. Engineered with innovative technology from adidas’ experts, the Copa football boots boast a premium leather upper designed for unparelleled comfort. Revamped outsoles provide dependable traction on any surface. With multiple styles available, the adidas Copa line ensures a perfect fit, optimizing both playing ability and the aesthetic appeal of this iconic classic.

The timeless look and functionality of the Copa football boot have always been cherished. Now, infused with modern technology, its performance, control, and precision are elevated to new heights, earning even greater respect on the pitch. Explore alongside models Copa .1, Copa .2, and Gloro, and be among the first to experience the latest Copa Pure 2 from the iconic adidas Advancement Pack. Secure your pair now for an unparalleled playing experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the adidas Copa use real leather?

No, the adidas Copa no longer uses Kangaroo leather. In a sustainability-driven decision, adidas has transitioned to calf leather, which is known for its softness, excellent durability, and resistance. This change reflects adidas' commitment to using more sustainable materials in their designs.

When was the Copa Mundial released?

The iconic adidas Copa Mundial was first introduced to the world of football in the year 1979. Since its inception, it has earned a reputation as one of the most beloved and enduring football boots in history. The Copa Mundial quickly became a classic choice among footballers for its exceptional comfort, quality, and performance, and it continues to be cherished by players and fans alike, representing a timeless symbol of football excellence.

Can you cut the tongue of the Copa Gloro?

Yes, you can cut the tongue of the adidas Copa Gloro. These boots offer customization options, allowing you to choose whether to keep the tongue or cut it off entirely. adidas even includes a small scissors graphic under the fold of the tongue, giving players the sense of adding a personal touch to this iconic boot series.

How much does the adidas Copa weigh?

The Copa + models weigh 218g, while the .1 model weighs 215g for a UK Size 8.5 boot.

Are adidas Copa football boots true to size?

The adidas Copa + model comes up a little short, so we would recommend going up at least half a size or potentially a full size.

For the adidas Copa .1, we would recommend going up half a size.

What is the break-in period for adidas Copa football boots?

We would recommend allowing time to break in adidas Copa boots because the leather needs some time to stretch and mold to your foot. Additionally, for the Copa + model, it may need some time to break in the padding on the heel area.

Are adidas Copa football boots good for wide feet?

We would recommend the adidas Copa for wide feet, especially the adidas Copa Pure 2.1 due to the adjustability of the tongue construction, minimal padding in the heel area, and the stretch of the leather in the toe box. However, the adidas Copa + is still a good option for wide feet. In terms of width compared to other adidas models, the Copa falls between the Predator (widest) and the X (narrowest).