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adidas X football boots are engineered to enhance acceleration, speed, and individual brilliance on the pitch. The boots, perfect for the audacious footballer, offer unparalleled comfort and control in all playing conditions. With the latest adidas X Football Boots from Lovell Soccer, you can be sure to bring your A-game.

The extensive range of X football boots, available in models X.1, X.2, and X.3, includes outsoles suitable for any playing surface and a variety of styles to match your preferences.

Whether you’re after the adidas X Speedportal for your child or you’re in the market for the all-new adidas X Crazyfast boots from the adidas Energy Citrus Pack, we’ve got you covered.

These boots incorporate cutting-edge technology to transform the game. Made from high-quality materials and incorporating technology that has been fine-tuned by experts, these boots ensure optimal performance and comfort. A wide selection of Kids X Football Boots is also available, allowing young players to stand out with fashionable footwear and improved skills.

Explore the latest adidas X Crazyfast, Speedportal, and other football speed boots below. From basic football boots for casual play to the exact models worn by top professionals, finding a boot to fit your playing style and needs is easy. Stand out on the pitch with adidas X football boots

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adidas X Crazyfast?

The adidas X Crazyfast is the ninth iteration of the X line, continuing the silo’s ongoing challenge to the speed boots offered by Nike and Puma. It took on the mantle for the adidas X speed boot line in 2023.

What are the different models of adidas X Crazyfast?

The adidas X Crazyfast line includes three elite models: X Crazyfast+, X Crazyfast.1 Laceless, and X Crazyfast.1 Laced. Each model offers unique features and fits to cater to different preferences.

Are the adidas X football boots true to size?

1. The adidas X.1 Crazyfast runs a little long, but we would still recommend going true to size on these football boots.

2. We would recommend going true to size on the adidas X+ Crazyfast.

How much do adidas X football boots weigh?

The weight of adidas X football boots varies depending on the model. The + model weighs 174g, the .1 laced version weighs 194g, and the .1 laceless version weighs 189g for a UK Size 8.5 boot.

What is the break in period of adidas X football boots?

1. The adidas X.1 Crazyfast out of the box has a more plasticky feel to it and will need a little bit of time to break in.

2. The adidas X+ Crazyfast is almost ready to go straight out of the box and needs next to no time to break in.

Are adidas X football boots good for wide feet?

1. The adidas X.1 Crazyfast is a narrow-fitting football boot, and we would not recommend it for wide feet.

2. The adidas X+ Crazyfast has a tongue construction that allows for more adjustability, meaning it can stretch a little to accommodate a wider foot.

Which position is adidas x for?

adidas X football boots are ideal for strikers and wingers, thanks to their lightweight construction, making them perfect for quick and agile players.

Which footballers wear adidas x?

The adidas X boots are highly favored by numerous top football players. In recent years, the X Speedportal series has been worn by notable athletes such as Benzema, Messi, and Salah. The launch of the adidas X Crazyfast has also featured prominent players including Messi, Rafael Leão, Gabriel Martinelli, Nuno Mendes, and Ousmane Dembélé, among others. This highlights the popularity of adidas X boots among elite footballers.Originally, the speed boot line was the F50, introduced in 2004, before being succeeded by the adidas X 15.1 in 2015.

What is adidas x good for?

The adidas X series is an excellent choice for explosive players looking for thin, lightweight, and durable boots that enable quick acceleration, precise movements, and agility both on and off the ball. These boots are also well-suited for fullbacks thanks to their lightweight construction, which aids in speed and agility.