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Stay supported when working out with Strap Tape by placing along muscles, ligaments and tendons to provide extra support to help you stay active when recovering from injuries. Explore below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is strap tape, and how is it used in football?

Strap tape is a flexible adhesive tape used to support and stabilize joints. In football, it is commonly used for injury prevention and management.

How does strap tape help in preventing football injuries?

Strap tape provides additional support to joints, reducing the risk of strains and sprains during physical activit

Can strap tape be used to support specific areas, such as ankles or knees?

Yes, strap tape is versatile and can be applied to various areas, including ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows, to provide targeted support.

Is strap tape suitable for use during football matches and training sessions?

Yes, strap tape is designed for use during intense physical activities like football matches and training sessions.

Can strap tape be used in conjunction with other football protective gear?

Yes, strap tape can complement other protective gear, enhancing overall support and injury prevention.