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Explore the Latest High-Performance Puma Football Boots from the Eclipse Pack at Lovell Soccer

Puma, a world-leading boot manufacturer, has been refining their football boot range since the birth of the Puma Atom in 1950. Their latest range for 2024, featuring the Puma King, Puma Ultra, Puma Future and the Puma Astro Turf Trainers continues this tradition of innovation and the Forever Faster spirit. These Puma football boots are designed with the latest technology to enhance your performance on the field.

Puma King: The Puma King is crafted with K-BETTER™, a cutting-edge, non-animal-based upper material meticulously developed for optimal touch, comfort, and durability. This material is designed to mimic the feel of leather while offering superior water resistance and longevity, making it a perfect choice for players who demand both comfort and performance.

Puma Ultra: The Puma Ultra, the flagship speed boot of the Puma range, takes speed and acceleration to unprecedented heights. Its lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper is a marvel of engineering, offering a barefoot feel and ultimate ball control. The boot’s aerodynamic design and innovative stud configuration work together to enhance your speed and agility on the pitch.

Puma Future: The Puma Future stands out with its adaptive FUZIONFIT360 upper, a revolutionary design that enhances ball grip and control. This technology uses a combination of special yarns and knitting techniques to create a boot that fits like a second skin, offering superior lockdown and stability during high-speed movements.

All three boots are part of the latest Rush Pack, made with at least 20% recycled materials as a step toward a better future. PUMA continues to develop its Women’s Fit with a slimmer fit tailored to the anatomy of a woman’s foot.

Boost your game with the latest Puma football boots – Future, Ultra, and King, now in stock at Lovell Soccer. These boots are the perfect companion for your training sessions and decisive matches.

Experience the power of advanced features like responsive traction systems, feather-light materials, and precision engineering. These game-changing innovations offer unmatched power, speed, and control on the pitch.

Dive into our wide range of Puma Football Boots and elevate your game. Check out the groundbreaking Puma Rush Pack, featuring Firm Ground (FG) and Soft Ground (SG) Football Boots.

Our Puma football boots offer free personalisation. Add a splash of colour with text or show your national pride with your country’s flag for just £5, making your boots as unique as your playing style.

Level up your game – explore our Puma football boots collection and step into a world of unmatched quality and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of football boots does Puma offer in their range?

Puma offers a wide range of football boots, each designed to cater to different playing styles and conditions. The primary lineup includes:

Puma Future: The Puma Future is the first football boot with a truly customizable fit that every football player will appreciate. The Future 7, launched in 2024, is infused with updated FUZIONFIT360 technology, PWRPRINT and PWRTAPE innovations, and the groundbreaking Dynamic Motion System Outsole.

It also features 3D grip textures at critical ball contact zones for ultimate control and precision. The Future boot is available in various models including FUTURE 7 ULTIMATE FG/AG, FUTURE 7 PRO+ FG/AG, FUTURE 7 PRO FG/AG, and FUTURE 7 MATCH FG/AG.

Puma Ultra Ultimate: The Puma Ultra Ultimate is designed for players who prioritize speed and acceleration. The boot features a fully reengineered, lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper, which takes its signature speed and acceleration to the next level.

The application of PWRTAPE draws from the anatomy of the human foot to provide natural support for quick changes of pace and direction. The boot also includes a running spike-inspired SPEEDPLATE.

Puma King: The Puma King is a classic heritage option that has been a choice for football royalty over the years. The King lineup includes the KING ULTIMATE FG/AG, KING PRO FG/AG, and KING MATCH FG/AG.

The PUMA KING Icon edition features PUMA exclusive K-BETTER, a completely new, non-animal based upper material for ultimate touch and control benefits. The innovative new upper also contains at least 20% recycled material as a step toward a better future.

Please note that the specific models and technologies may vary from year to year as Puma continues to innovate and enhance their product lineup.

Are Puma Football Boots suitable for wide feet?

Puma football boots are generally not the best option for wide feet due to their narrow fit. However, Puma does offer some models that are specifically designed for wide feet. It is important to look for Puma boots with a wider toe box and adjustable lacing system for a better fit.

One of the popular choices is the Puma Future series. The boots in this series feature a customizable lacing system that allows individuals to adjust the fit according to their comfort, making it ideal for wide feet. It also provides excellent support and comfort with its cushioning technology.

Another good option is the Puma King series. While not specifically designed for wide feet, the Puma King series offers a comfortable fit that can accommodate wider feet.

In addition to these, the Puma’s Fuzionfit360 upper wraps your feet in a combo of PWRtape, dual mesh, and stretchy knit for a snug and supportive fit. The dynamic motion system soleplate keeps you stable and agile, perfect for dodging those tight spots on the field.

Which players wear Puma Football Boots in 2024?

In 2024, Puma Football Boots are worn by several professional footballers. Some of the notable players who wear Puma boots include:

Vinicius Junior: Real Madrid
Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid
Erling Haaland: Manchester City
Phil Foden: Manchester City
Kevin De Bruyne: Manchester City
Jack Grealish: Manchester City
Kyle Walker: Manchester City
Neymar: Paris Saint-Germain

Other notable players include Julia Grosso, Kai Havertz, Laia Aleixandri, and James Maddison
Please note that the list of players can change as players may switch boot brands due to new endorsements, personal preferences, or other reasons.