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Explore our extensive range of Artificial Grass Football Boots, specifically designed for artificial and 4G grass surfaces. Our AG Football Boots feature shorter and hollow studs that offer superior grip and dislodge easier than an FG boot on artificial surfaces, significantly reducing the chance of injury. At Lovell Soccer, we understand the importance of the right footwear for the right surface. That’s why we offer a diverse range of artificial grass football boots to suit every player’s unique style. Whether you’re a defensive powerhouse or a swift striker, you’ll find the perfect pair of boots in our collection. Choose from top-quality brands including Nike, Puma, and adidas, all available in our Lovell Soccer locker. From the popular Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite AG Football Boots to the reliable adidas Predator AG Boots, we’ve got you covered. Explore the full range of AG boots below and elevate your game on artificial grounds today
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are AG (Artificial Ground) football boots?

AG football boots are designed specifically for playing on artificial turf surfaces. They typically feature shorter, more numerous studs compared to firm ground boots, providing optimal traction on synthetic grass.

Can I use AG football boots on natural grass pitches?

While AG boots are primarily designed for artificial turf, they can be used on natural grass in certain conditions. However, using them exclusively on artificial surfaces prolongs their lifespan.

How do AG football boots differ from firm ground boots?

AG boots have more and shorter studs to distribute pressure evenly on artificial turf. They provide better stability and prevent excessive pressure on the joints compared to firm ground boots.

Are AG boots suitable for all types of artificial turf?

AG boots are versatile and suitable for various types of artificial turf, including 3G, 4G, and other synthetic surfaces commonly found in modern football pitches.

Do professional football players use AG boots?

Yes, many professional players use AG boots, especially when playing on artificial surfaces. They choose them for their performance benefits and adaptability to different playing conditions.